Things you didn't know about one of the most typical dishes of Spanish gastronomy.

If there is one dish that perfectly defines Spanish gastronomy, it is undoubtedly paella. In fact, it is one of those tourist attractions that, along with potato omelette and Iberian ham, manages to conquer even the most demanding palates. The reason? It is perfect for all tastes, something that is directly related to its great variety, which not only has to do with its many different and more or less successful interpretations, but also with its ingredients, which can include anything from seafood and fish to meat, just vegetables or a mixture of both.

But leaving tastes aside, the truth is that paella has not always been as we know it today, nor has it always had the same ingredients. In fact, the origin of the authentic Valencian paella is humble and after many circumstances it has ended up becoming what it is today: the most emblematic dish of Spanish gastronomy. 


Today we pay tribute to paella by learning some curiosities related to this unique dish:


  • Its origins go back five centuries and can be traced back to the Albufera region of Valencia, where it was born as a dish typical of the humblest classes.
  • The dish owes its name to the traditional container, a large round frying pan, in which it is cooked; it is, in fact, the term by which the Valencians refer to frying pans.
  • Paella is traditionally eaten with a wooden spoon and directly from the pan itself. This tradition, in fact, is maintained in some parts of Valencia and is due to the fact that, in the past, cutlery made with other materials was only associated with the upper classes and paella was a typical farmer's dish.
  • It is said that the most suitable rice for preparing paella is bomba rice, although the most commonly used is round rice or Senia rice, a medium-grain variety of rice which, however, tends to be overcooked quickly.
  • Paella is the most searched Spanish dish on the Internet and, in fact, it is in the top 5 worldwide, behind pizza, sushi and risotto.
  • The original recipe does not include seafood and features snails, which are added to the chicken or rabbit, typical of the Valencian recipe. The Valencians call seafood paella "arroz con cosas" (rice with things).

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