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The Truffle Box features the truffle in different versions, a culinary selection with which, without a doubt, the most kitchens will be able to experience new flavors and combinations thanks to the wide range of top-quality products in which the truffle is carefully integrated so that do not lose its properties and retain its aroma and flavor. In fact, to appreciate it, it is advisable to use any of them in cold or warm dishes, but never very hot so as not to lose their essence.
In addition, it is presented in an elegant box perfect for gifts in which you will find six La Chinata products with truffles that will not leave anyone indifferent.



Truffle Olive oil Seasoning

La Chinata truffle seasoning is a flavored oil made with the best extra virgin olive oil from La Chinata together with a selection of the best black truffle "Tuber Aestmum Vittad", characterized by its peculiar and aromatic smell and its extremely pleasant taste. It has a sweet nuance and is ideal for a multitude of recipes and widely used in haute cuisine, thanks to its characteristic flavor and its delicate and penetrating aroma, which offers a unique experience on the palate.

Truffled sauce

La Chinata Truffle Sauce is a creamy combination of truffle, mushrooms and La Chinata EVOO that will give a gourmet touch to each of your dishes.

With an intense, aromatic and very tasty flavor, the truffle sauce is ideal to surprise your guests, especially in fresh pasta dishes, rice, meats such as sirloin and cheek and in vegetables.

Let yourself be carried away by the sophisticated flavor of truffles and give an original and exquisite touch to your elaborations with this delicious sauce made with top quality ingredients.

Regañás with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Las Regañás with Extra Virgin Olive Oil La Chinata are a gourmet bakery product in the shape of a hard cake and very thin bread, typical of several places, mainly Andalusia.

They are made with EVOO from our own harvest and have a texture very similar to that of peaks and bagels, very crunchy and soft.

Pheasant Pate with Truffles

La Chinata Pheasant Pate with Truffles is made with pieces of excellent quality pheasant, and is considered one of the game birds most valued by prestigious chefs thanks to its texture and flavor. In addition, it is complemented with another of the star ingredients of gourmet kitchens, the truffle, so it generates a delicious result in the mouth.

Salt Flakes with Truffle

La Chinata Flake Salt with Truffle comes from the Mediterranean and is a healthier alternative to refined salt. It is a gourmet product with a crunchy texture and a milder flavor than conventional salt and has a delicate truffle aroma, ideal for preparing a multitude of exquisite dishes, especially for rice dishes, pasta, vegetables, sauces and salads.

It is a product widely used in haute cuisine thanks to its crunchy texture and truffle brushstroke, which gives it a more intense and sophisticated flavor to each preparation. 

Boletus and Truffle Cream

The Boletus and Truffle La Chinata cream is made with two ingredients highly valued by the great gastronomic experts such as boletus and truffle, two delicacies with a very intense smell and flavor and whose combination is a culinary experience.

Truffles are ideal for a multitude of recipes and widely used in haute cuisine, with a delicate and penetrating aroma. It is a small underground mushroom that has great nutritional value and is high in fiber, as well as a source of iron and potassium.

White Chocolate with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Hazelnuts and Truffle

La Chinata White Chocolate with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Hazelnuts and Truffle is a sweet and light snack made with our best Extra Virgin Olive Oil, to which we have added an intense and delicate brushstroke of Black Truffle and we have added a crunchy touch and sweet, very balanced, with a selection of hazelnuts, an essential food in a healthy and balanced diet.

In this way, we add to White Chocolate the properties of Black Truffle, with a high content of fiber, iron and potassium, and the benefits of hazelnuts, a great source of vegetable protein, as well as iron, magnesium, phosphorus and manganese. 

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