All of our Halal meat are hand slaughtered, all-natural, hormone-free and Halal Certified. Animals are humanely treated according to Halal Guidelines.

Our mission is to assist Halal consumers in achieving their dietary goals providing them our best quality meat products. We are transparent and we want provide confidence them providing the certificate of all our Halal products.

So, trust on us, and taste our Halal selection. For example, our award winning, high-quality cuts of Wagyu beef are well known for their rich, delicious taste qualities. The concept of Wagyu is that the animals stress levels are managed to zero and from birth to harvest, they are grazing in a stress-free environment.

Our main providers of Halal Wagyu Beef are our friends from Spanish FINCA SANTA ROSALIA and they explain to you HERE the differences between Wagyu and Kobe Beef. We also import Halal Japanese A5 Wagyu beef directly from Kagoshima, and we are part of an amazing project of raising Halal Wagyu in Chile from our friends of MOLLENDO.

Chilean HalalWagyu
BMS 8-9


Spanish Halal Wagyu
BMS 7-8


All of our products have been inspected, approved and certified according to HALAL Guidelines

Halal Chile

Chilean Halal 

Halal Spain

Spanish Halal