The Gourmet Market was a long time considered project that got finally materialised on 2020, the supply relation between Francisco Martinez (British based Executive Chef) former Chef from “EL BULLI” restaurant (3 Michelin Stars), with the acclaimed Ferran Adria, and Jose Nicolas from Spanish long time established company Nicolas y Valero, who supplies numerous Michelin starred restaurants in the South East of Spain since 1987. After a few years working together finding special produce for Fran to be used on his menu creations in the UK, and as many other beginnings, all started one day having a lunch together they were chatting about how complicated is to find sometimes the real stuff in supermarkets, or when you find it, you need to really pay a price that it does not make any sense. For both there was a clear spot to be filled on the British culinary offer.


As a company, we really care about quality first of all, and that means quality of our products, but also about our service, the little details are the big difference. Sometimes we may be a bit more expensive than some other webs, but we offer the Spanish brands that we really believe are the best ones on what they offer, and it did not make sense to us to bring you the same things that you can find already on the big supermarkets.


We launched with a catalogue of over 300 products, and we will continue to grow, we will be reading all your feedback and adapting to what the British public want from us, and we have a clear goal to reach, become one of the brands that came to your mind when you are on the search of great quality food from Spain.
We have put together a project that offers top products, delivered to you on the best packaging we have been able to find and we are committed to bring you constant ideas for you to put into practice your skills or learn alongside us.  Soon we will be running masterclass hosted by Fran Martinez and also other Spanish chefs, in conjunction with our suppliers.