• Provide a specialized distribution service, relying on technological systems and quality standards, thus ensuring the availability to the largest number of clients.
  • We believe that our first responsibility is towards our clients who use our products and services. In meeting your needs, everything we do must be of the highest quality.
  • We are responsible with our workers, recognizing their merits and creating a working environment in order, cleanliness and safety.
  • We are responsible to the Community where we live and work. We must keep in good condition the products that we have the privilege to acquire, protecting the environment and natural resources.
  • We must experiment with new ideas, conduct research and develop innovative products. We must create long-term alliances with our clients and suppliers.


  • Be a company to work, providing information to our suppliers in order to maintain a close relationship with them, so we will meet the quality and continuity needs requested.
  • Simple structure, with the minimum hierarchical level, with flexibility and speed in decisions. Operating with the advantages of a small company, which are what make big companies great.
  • There is no challenge that we cannot achieve by working together clearly with the objectives and knowing the instruments.


  • To work under the concept of total quality, with a vocation to serve our clients, seeking that they decide the consumption of our products due to quality factors and fair competition.
  • Honesty, responsibility and commitment are our daily work guidelines.
  • Always active in the modernization, growth, training, quality, simplification and tireless improvement of production processes. Increase productivity, competitiveness, reduce expenses and costs for the benefit of our clients.