What is your returns policy?

After you have received your order, if you would like to return an unopened item which is still in perfect condition, please contact our HERE office on e-mail providing us with a reason for your return.

We'll accept returns within a reasonable time-period of seven days from receipt of your order. We will provide you with our returns address and instructions.

The cost of returning any non-faulty items back to us is not included and we cannot accept returns of fresh or frozen short-shelf life products.

Our returns policy does not apply to products that are faulty and our policy does not affect your statutory rights.

What about faulty products?

It is very rare that anyone receives a faulty product, as our warehouse team that picks your order will always check all products before dispatching them.

If you do happen to receive a product that you do consider to be faulty due to its packaging condition, visual quality or signs of deterioration, we will just ask you to send us an e-mail explaining the problem together with a quick photo of the defect.

We will then get in touch with you to offer a replacement product, an alternative product or refund the cost of the item.

Obviously, this can't apply if you simply don't like the taste of the product and please bear in mind that taste is a subjective matter - what one person may love, another may consider 'faulty' (e.g., too salty, texture too hard).

What about broken or damaged items?

At Gourmet Market we will always ensure that your order arrives safely and in one piece. Our warehouse team has developed what we believe to be the best packing techniques and we use the most appropriate materials for the job, including strong, double walled boxes and cushioning materials.

We also use a reputable courier service that ensures your order is transported safe and secure. Unfortunately, we cannot help that from time to time certain orders may be part of an accident or can't withstand the rough treatment during transportation.

If there is any damage to your order, please don't just outright reject the package from the courier. Please accept your order, check it over and then inform us of any damages within 24 hours.

Again, we will normally ask you for a quick photo of the damaged items and we will offer a replacement or alternative product sent free of charge or we will process a refund for you.

What happens if my order does not get to me the following day?

We cannot guarantee 100% that all orders sent for a next day delivery service will be always delivered. We hold a 97% success rate on parcels delivered next day.

However, there are factors outside our reach, such as delays during transportation, parcels lost within the courier’s network, bad weather conditions that may stop your order from being delivered on time.

If this is the case, all orders carry a tracking number that we will send to you once we confirm your order has been dispatched and where you will be able to track the status of your order at all times.

If your order does not arrive on the day expected, please contact our office HERE or on  e-mail where we will happily help you track your order and find a solution to the delay.

If your order has been lost by our courier, we will proceed to send you another order with exactly the same items or carry out a refund.