Artisan Turron Mixed box , 170Gr

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A perfect gift to someone that loves Spanish Turron, from one of the best Turron artisans producers, this box have a mix of the 5 traditional Turrones from Alicante.

The box have:

Turron de Alicante, Milk-Chocolate & Macadamia nuts Turron, Almond brittle Turron with Sesame seeds, Milk-Chocolate Turron with Almonds and Dark-Chocolate Turron with Almonds.

Artisan almonds turron. Pablo Garrigos is definitely considered one of Spain’s very best Turron manufacturers. All their products are manufactured following age-old traditional methods, carefully selecting the ingredients of their prized Turron from regions renowned for producing the finest quality natural products. From the Mediterranean basin, where the acclaimed Marcona almond can be found, to the mountains of the Iberian Levante, where the orange blossom and rosemary honey originate. Their delicacies and chocolates also follow the same tradition of quality, being the perfect example of a fusion of rich traditional flavours and essences from around the world.

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