T-Bone Steak, Holstein (Dry Age 30 days) +/- 0.85Kg

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All our Holstein breed meats are dry-aged for a minimum of 30 days, and feed 100% in grass.


The T-bone is probably our favorite cut, with the intense flavour from the Ribeye and Sirloin, and the tenderness of the Filet, both sides attached to the rib to help bringing even more intensity while grilling. The Holstein breed is often used in the UK for dairy duties, and is the same in North-Spain, but they look really well after them once the dairy cycle is over, and leave them to roam freely for a few more years to get this sensational balanced meat.

What is T Bone Steak?

T Bone steak is a specific cut of beef steak. It comes from the sirloin and fillet, which is from the saddle. The name comes from the shape of the steak which has a ‘T’ formation in the middle and succulent meat on either side (sirloin on one and tenderloin on the other). It becomes a porterhouse steak when it comes from the short loin.

How to Cook T Bone Steak

Because T bone steak is both sirloin and tenderloin, the two sides behave slightly differently on the grill. The sirloin is the larger side and contains more fat than the tenderloin. This means it takes a little longer to cook. To ensure the steak as a whole is fantastic, we recommend you cook the steak with the tenderloin side on the cooler part of the grill if possible.

It’s best to cook T bone on the BBQ or the grill. Rub generous amounts of salt and pepper into the steak at least half an hour before cooking and take the steak out of the fridge an hour or so before cooking so it can reach room temperature.

Sear it on the grill to your taste (we like it medium-rare!) and leave to rest before eating. A great idea is to serve it with a light coat of garlic butter to enhance the flavour.



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Customer Reviews

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Kenneth Bills

Excellent quality and safely delivered

Grant Read
Great taste, shame the filet was detached

The filet part of the Tbone was completely detached from the bone (cleanly). I'd suggest that filet potentially had been added?!#! To be fair it tasted great.