Bread Sourdough with Rioja wine & grapes, 350Gr.

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Bread with bouquet, made with wine and raisins.

At Triticum they suggest serving it as the base for wire rack foie decorated with liqueur-infused cherries. A bread with intense wine flavours.

This bread has an almost imperceptible crust and a moist, delicate crumb. Ideal for crispy slices and sandwiches.

Aromatic breads are more specific. Their ingredients determine with which foods they should be served. If they are properly paired, they actually become part of the dish, merging with it and even enhancing it.

Bake straight from the freezer at 200c for about 12 minutes.



This bread is frozen but will arrive defrosted and lasts well for up to 5 days, it can be re-frozen with little loss of quality.

 A minimum of 5 days on ambient and up to 3 months if frozen.