Broth Black Paella Seafood + Bomba rice, 500ml + 250gr.

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El Mosqui is probably the more premium Paella broths you can buy out there. This pack works perfect for a taste of Spain mediterranean, classic Black Seaffod paella.

Perfect pack for a Paella for 2 people, you get the stock and the Bomba rice, so you just need to choose your seafood or fish ingredients If you want to improve the recipe , but its not needed.

This stock is coming with a gift, 250gr of Bomba rice, the perfect portion for 2 people.

The pack is presented in a cardboard box. It includes a glass jar with our EL CALDERO broth and a 250 g bag. of rice Calasparra denomination of origin, the exact amount to add to the broth following our simple instructions. Each pack has enough for two servings of caldero seafood rice. 

Paella is the star dish of Valencian cuisine and one of its secrets is this base. It is heated and the ingredients are added: fish, mussels, clams or meat. Once cooked, add the rice and water. An ideal base also for fideuás.

Finish with a dolop of the traditional alioli.


Dry Ambient 

 A minimum of 3 months from shipment

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Delicious black rice paella

We bought this recently and we followed the instructions on the pack, which are very straight forward. The result was a delicious black rice paella -highly recommended if you want to surprise your guests. I would say the portions could be for at least 3 people.