Cheese Zamorano DOP (Castilla Leon), 300Gr

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Exclusively elaborated in the province of Zamora (Castille-León) with raw milk from “Churra” and “Castellana” sheep breeds. Enzymatic coagulation and pressed paste, not cooked; long maturation. This type of cheese has a dark rind and a developed flavour, with an intense, pignant and very buttery aroma reminiscent of a “bodega” (cellar). Firm texture.

 Wine pairings: Aged in oak white wines as wines of Navarra, Penedès, La Mancha, and Riojas. Wines of crianza and reserva of Ribera del Duero, Bierzo, Rioja, Navarra, La Mancha, Cariñena, and Priorato. Wines from oxidative maturation of Andalucía like Jerez and Montilla-Moriles and past manzanilla.



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