Cheesecake Basque Style, Albert Adria "El Bulli", Various weights.

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Exclusive in UK for Gourmet Market, we bring you probably the best Basque Style Cheesecake that you can buy, created by the famous Albert Adria Chef, from El Bulli restaurant and also now Cakes & Bubbles in London Mayfair.

Albert was asked to create the best TARTA DE QUESO VASCA, and certainly he did that, it took a few hundreds of trials till he was happy with the results. Only the best artisan ingredients are use to create this cake.

Voted as best dessert of the year by the New York Times, perfectly crafted and packed on a luxurious packaging, presented in two different sizes.

For 2 people (330gr)

For 8 people (1100gr)

This is a frozen product, and will start to defrost on delivery, so it will need to be consumed within 5 days from arrival to you.

Is creamy, intense, indulgent, sweet, savoury tonnes, for sure an experince to finish any special meal.


Free delivery

Frozen, but will start to thaw on delivery, so to be consumed within 5 days from arrival.

A minimum of 5 days from shipment

Customer Reviews

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Just one word. Would buy again.

Very good cooked cheesecake

As above

Delicious cheesecake

This is my first time trying a basque style cheesecake and it was delicious. Creamy and not too sweet. Delicious dessert

Mammas Milk

Arrived intact which I wasn’t sure would happen as it’s a squishy cake. We celebrated our 25th Anniversary at El Bulli years ago so we knew we were in for a treat & it lived up to our memories.
Treat yourself it’s pure class
Oh if they could sell those Verdial
olive spheres in a tin please