Ribeye Steak Bone-in Galician Blond (Dry Aged 40 days) +/- 0.75Kg

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All our Galician Blond breed cuts with the bone are dry-aged for a minimum of 40 days. And are feed 100% in grass.

This really special breed, are at least 10 years old cows, with an incredible fat infiltration, a yellowy fat due to the diet and pastures, that tastes even like sweet sometimes. Used by acclaimed restaurants in all the UK, with some of them making it the masterpiece for their concept.

The Chuleta cut is normally Sirloin kept bone-in to enhance flavour and juices while cooking.

The Galician Blonde is a protected breed just found in northern Spain, with many monitors in place to keep the consistency that has made it famous.


 A minimum of 3 months from shipment

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Delicious, but misleading title

Title says Ribeye, but bare in mind the 'Chuleta' cut can be either Ribeye or Sirloin which is made unclear.
We received Sirloins which was not what we were expecting, but the beef was tender, juicy, and the dry-aged flavour was pronounced throughout the steak.
The Gourmet Market were quick to compensate for this misunderstanding, but I still minus 1 star as there was quite a size deviation between the steaks despite being the same, resulting in one being much more enjoyable than the other.

+ Great tasting Steak
- Misleading title
- Consistency

Gordon Heggie
Wagyu steaks

Got my order on the exact date of delivery, must say the streaks are delicious, a bit pricey but for a special occasion I would say worth every penny, will definitely be buying more from gourmet Market in the future, many thanks, Gordon