Cowboy Steak, Rib eye Bone-in Holstein (Dry Age 30 days) +/- 0.85Kg

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All our Holstein breed meats are dry-aged for a minimum of 30 days, and feed 100% in grass.

The Cowboy Steak is a thick Ribeye steak with an impressive presentation. The great infiltration of intramuscular (marmoreado) and intramuscular fat together with the rib bone gives it a great flavor and exceptional juiciness. The weight of each piece is around 0.8 Kg, a fact that makes it an ideal cut to share between two people.

The thickness of the piece depends on the thickness of the rib and is generally 3 to 4 cm. Its name comes from the cuts that cowboys made to their ranches and it is a cut especially suitable for meat gourmets. If you have already tried other pieces with bone such as the T-Bone or the tomahawk, this cut will surprise you.

The Holstein breed is often used in the UK for dairy duties, and is the same in North-Spain, but they look really well after them once the dairy cycle is over, and leave them roam freely for a few more years to get this sensational balanced meat.



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