Cowboy Steak, Rib eye Bone-in Frisona (Dry Age 20 days) +/- 0.85kg

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All our Frisona breed meats are dry-aged for a minimum of 20 days, and feed 100% in grass.

The Cowboy Steak is a thick Ribeye steak with an impressive presentation. The great infiltration of intramuscular (marmoreado) and intramuscular fat together with the rib bone gives it a great flavor and exceptional juiciness. The weight of each piece is around 0.8 Kg, a fact that makes it an ideal cut to share between two people.

The thickness of the piece depends on the thickness of the rib and is generally 3 to 4 cm. Its name comes from the cuts that cowboys made to their ranches and it is a cut especially suitable for meat gourmets. If you have already tried other pieces with bone such as the T-Bone or the tomahawk, this cut will surprise you.

The Frisona breed is the main one in dairy production. Its name comes from the region of origin, Friesland, located in northern Europe, although it is considered a Spanish breed integrated into Spain since it accounts for 40% of the total census.



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