Extra Virgin Olive Oil "ARBEQUINA", 3Lt

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It is proven that oil is best preserved in opaque packaging, because light spoils the quality of the oil. That is why this tin container is ideal for preserving all the organoleptic qualities of the best of our oils, Arbequina extra virgin olive oil. Born from the soft and aromatic Arbequina olives, it is the result of a careful selection of the best Arbequina olives from various regions of Lleida, Tarragona, cold-pressed and transformed into oil according to the oldest traditions, without filtering.

Dry Ambient 

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Customer Reviews

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Ana Sanchez Martin
Best extra virgin olive oil (and I'm Spanish so I know!)

Arberquina is, in my view, the best olive variety for deliciousness. This extra virgin olive oil is sweet and rich, with no trace of bitterness. Perfect to have in salads or as dip. Not for cooking, that would be sacrilege!

Great product

It tastes good and does the job

Noel Theodore
Excellent and delicious

It tastes very and lovely. It's good for cooking and salads.

I thoroughly enjoy it.

Excellent product.

I would fully recommend to anyone who enjoy good food.

Peter mitchell
delicious oil

Arbequina is a delicious, mild olive oil. If your previous experience has been limited to Tescos finest the flavour is a revelation. Easy to see why some people enjoy bread dipped in this oil as a lunch in itself.

Very Good Taste

I add a few tablespoons on beans (about 5) for more energy but also for health reasons - polyphenols and mono-unsaturated fatty acid are very important. (it is not oxydized, not bitter) Bought a big one, will buy again. Thanks !