Galician Octopus Pate, 120Gr

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La Chinata Galician Octopus Paté is part of our line of sea pates made with our best Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This pâté has a delicate manufacturing process and stands out for its unique flavor.

It is recommended for a snack spread on bread, since it has a very smooth and tasty texture, or with our variety of sprinkles and spikes, and you can give it a touch with our wide variety of vegetable jams, especially or Pepper Jam, when just like with our Caramelized Onion in Sherry Vinegar. It can also be a good accompaniment or dressing to offer a distinctive touch to fish, rice and pasta dishes.

It is recommended to serve the pate slightly cold if you are going to take it spread on bread, to enhance its nuances in the mouth.

Dry Ambient 

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