Ham Leg Iberico Cebo 75% Green Label, +/- 8.5Kg

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Julián Martín Iberian Cebo de Campo Ham, from Iberian pigs fed freely in wide pastures from pastures and natural feed. They have 24 months of curing with traditional systems in natural cellars.

Being raised in pastures, these animals develop their muscles better, notably improving the quality of each Cebo de Campo Ham because it allows the fat to infiltrate the meat and have that characteristic Iberian ham flavor.

The Cebo de Campo Ham is obtained from pigs that have been fed with natural feed, pastures, acorns, roots; as well as natural and aromatic herbs. This gives it a unique texture, flavor and aroma, as well as a very high quality piece.

Dry Ambient 

 A minimum of 3 months from shipment.