Iberico Black Pudding Pate & Pine nuts (Morcilla), 120Gr

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Black pudding paté with pine nuts is a very creamy product that combines the traditional flavor of black pudding, an ancient food with protein and low carbohydrates, with the properties of pine nuts, a dry fruit that, in addition to being delicious, is widely used in cooking gourmet.

It is ideal to use as a filling in dumplings, sachets or empanadas, as well as in baked meats or to make sauces. It can be served both hot and cold in a water bath or in the microwave and can be used as a snack or starter in tartlets or scolds, accompanied by a fruit jam, to give a fresh and sweet touch to each bite, just like with our onion or caramelized fry, or with our mango cubes. In addition, it pairs very well with our La Chinata red wine.

Dry Ambient 

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