Lamb Loin "Magret", Agnei Iberico 850gr.

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The Agnei Iberico Lamb "Magret" comes from the boneless loin. It owes its name to the duck breast, since they have a very similar appearance. The secret of this piece is to eat it together with the golden fat, but never burned. The flavor, the fat infiltration and the tenderness of this piece make it the "queen" reference of the Agnei Iberian lamb range. you get two loins of around 400/450 grams each.

An exclusive lamb, a healthy pleasure.

Agnei Ibérico is a superior quality lamb meat that comes from animals of a thousand-year-old breed, originally from the region of Aragon at the foot of the Pyrenees, where it is raised without stress in a relaxed environment to enhance its innate qualities.

Agnei Ibérico is fed naturally with mother's milk and an exclusive mixture of cereals among which corn and high oleic sunflower seeds predominate. Agnei Ibérico is presented in completely innovative boneless cuts that allow a high profitability of each piece and that facilitate the work of the chef, fostering his creativity so that he offers his customers a unique sensory experience thanks to surprising characteristics of flavor, tenderness and juiciness exceptional.

Its high degree of fat infiltration gives this meat a special character, not only in terms of balanced flavor, texture and juiciness, but also due to its high oleic acid content, higher than 51%, which makes it, possibly, the healthiest lamb meat on the market.

Recognized by many chefs internationally as probably the best Lamb in the world, the Kobe of the lamb meats.


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