Lomo Iberico Bellota 100%, 1Kg

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The Iberico Bellota Loin is a traditional and quality product. This Iberian sausage is made from the loins of Iberian pigs raised in the freedom of our pastures.

The secret of its flavor is the feeding of these animals based on the best acorns in the area, as well as herbs and natural grasses. Our Iberian Acorn Loin, matures for a period of 4 months following the traditional processes of the Guijuelo area. Only in this way can we guarantee its exclusive flavor of the Julián Martín brand.

Best Iberian flavor of Guijuelo!

An appreciated and tasty Iberian Lomo Sausage, made by Julián Martín with traditional, trustworthy recipes.


 A minimum of 3 months from shipment.