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The Box Mar La Chinata is a medium-sized gift box specially designed to offer a selection of the best flavors of the sea. In this box you will find several high quality products preserved or made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Meticulously packed and presented in an elegant box, the Box M Mar is the perfect gift for lovers of fish, shellfish and shellfish.



Rustic Picos with Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

The Rustic Picos with EVOO La Chinata are a gourmet product composed of first quality wheat and are seasoned with our best Extra Virgin Olive Oil from our harvest.

It is a crunchy and tasty bite with a light toasted aroma, ideal to pair with cold cuts and cheeses. We especially recommend it for our meat and sea food patés, as well as for our wide variety of La Chinata cheese creams.

Lobster Pate:

La Chinata Lobster Paté is part of our line of seafood patés made with our best Extra Virgin Olive Oil. In this case it is a high quality pâté, with a great flavor and texture and low caloric intake.

This pate is recommended for a snack spread on bread, since it has a very soft and tasty texture, or with our variety of reprimands and peaks, and it can be given a special touch with our wide variety of vegetable jams, as well as our Caramelized Onion with Sherry Vinegar. It can also be a good accompaniment or dressing to offer a distinctive touch to fish and rice dishes.

Squid stuffed in its ink with Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

Squid stuffed in ink with La Chinata EVOO are a ready-to-eat delicacy made with a selection of high-quality squid. They are made with a traditional recipe based on EVOO, tomato, onion, wine vinegar and various spices. The result is this delicious dish ideal for a snack or to accompany rice, pasta and salads.

Tuna belly in Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

The Ventresca de Bonito del Norte is obtained from the juiciest and tastiest part of this fish, specifically an area between the belly and the head (hence the name "belly") this small part of the bonito, with its characteristic laminate and perfect balance of flavor, the right proportion of fat, a high content of proteins of high biological value and its contribution of polyunsaturated fatty acids, it is the part of the bonito from the north that is most appreciated in the gastronomy of the whole world.

Pickled Mussels Pate:

La Chinata Pickled Mussels Pate is part of our line of sea pâtés made with our best Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It is a pate with an intense flavor and a very smooth texture.

Scallops in Scallop Sauce with Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

Scallops in Scallop Sauce with EVOO La Chinata is a delicious ready-to-eat preserve with a delicious flavor and texture to bring the most authentic flavors of the sea to the table.

It is preserved in EVOO from our own harvest and scallop sauce is added, made with the traditional Galician recipe.



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