Oil with White Truffle Premium, 200Ml

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It is an exquisite seasoning made from the combination of white truffle with extra virgin olive oil. The White Truffle Tuber Magnatum is a fungus that is below ground level and that due to its appearance and color is reminiscent of a tuber. It has an irregular and velvety surface, and a thin skin (cuticle) that does not separate from the meat. The meat is quite hard and compact, grayish-white in color with numerous white veins, giving it a marble appearance. It has a powerful smell, almost similar to gas or to certain skins of fermented cheese, and its flavor is very pleasant.

The method for obtaining truffles is to force the fungus and tree roots to live in symbiosis, so that the fungus provides the roots with more surface to obtain nutrients from the soil, while the roots provided the fungus with nutrients necessary for it to give rise to truffles. The secret is to control the environmental factors to which the tree and the truffle are exposed, including temperature, light, humidity, soil nutrients and soil aeration. 

At the Arotz truffle plantation, the fresh truffle season runs from December to March. During these months, with the help of trained dogs, the "truffle hunt" is carried out, with which thousands of truffles arrive daily at the warehouse. Each truffle is cleaned, weighed, labeled. Then they are introduced into oil, so that they provide their characteristics, each year different, but always with the unmistakable flavor and aroma that the White Tiber Magnatum Truffle provides.


Dry Ambient  

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