Pork Presa Iberico Cebo 50%, +/- 900Gr

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This meat is 50% Iberico Breed, Presa Iberica is a meat cut from the Iberico pork attached to the shoulder, and located near the head of the loin.

Presa Iberica is a very tender well-marbled cut that can be prepared quickly over a hot pan. Due to its location, it possesses qualities of both the shoulder and loin.

A beautiful, flavourful cut of pork that melts in your mouth - we call it the other red meat! Grilled medium-rare, it has a juicy, tender bite and a full mouthwatering flavour that speaks of its free-range acorn-fed source.

Presa is a thick shoulder steak unlike any other. It is thick and juicy, but leaner than pluma end loin or the secreto flank steak.

Iberico pork comes from free-range Iberico pigs indigenous to Spain. They live an ideal life rooting for acorns under cork and holm oak trees. Their diet provides a complex flavour and fat that literally melts in your mouth. The exercise provides the beautiful marbling that distinguishes Iberico pork from any other.


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