Prawns Carabinero M 25-30/Kg. +/- 1Kg

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One of the most sought after prawns in professional kitchens worldwide, beautiful Carabineros are a large deep-sea prawn species that hail from Eastern Atlantic into the Mediterranean Sea. Known by a plethora of names, to the Spanish and Portuguese as Carabineros, to the English as Scarlet Shrimp or Cardinal Prawns, and to the French as the Crevette Imperiale, they are renowned for their jumbo size and striking bright red colour.

These Carabinero prawns are medium size prawns. Each box contains between 25 and 30 prawns. Whole and head-on, they are individually quick frozen on the boats to ensure their freshness and packaged in 1Kg boxes. Each Carabinero weighs around 35 to 40 grams.


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