Ribeye Bone-in Chuleta Angus (60 days dry-aged) , +/- 1.1kg.

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Cut along the bone and keeping the fat cover.

Aged: During 60 days the loins of Angus will rest in Himalayan salt dry-aging chambers where the meat acquires a special feature of tenderness. The duration of the drying is what gives every piece an intense flavour, ideal for refined palates.

Cooking Advice: This piece is ideal to cook on the grill, due to its high marbling.

Raised in the Basque country, North Spain, a cut famous on the typical "asadores".

These surroundings offer a tranquil lifestyle for the herd.

Aberdeen Angus. A tranquil and docile temper are the personality features of this breed, that give its meat a unique flavour and texture. These attributes, alongside the special breeding of the animals under strict parameters that guarantee its welfare, allow the greatest kitchens to enjoy this superior Spanish beef.

100 day grain fed at the end of the animal life. Mixing top-quality cereals, legumes, oils (mainly soybeans) and straw to provide a balanced diet adjusted to the needs of each phase of growth.



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Had ribeye bone-in the other night. It was nice, juicy and full of flavour. Will be ordering again.