Salchichon Iberico Cebo 50% "Half piece", 500Gr

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Acorn-fed Iberian Salchichón is made with the best lean Iberian pork, which, combined with natural spices, garlic and pepper, make this sausage an essential for the whole family, perfect for any time due to its mild flavor.

The manufacture of this Iberian sausage is artisanal, characteristic of Julián Martín, to capture all the care and affection in each product, in addition to a thorough 6-month cure in our dryers and natural cellars, fresh and dry places, perfect for exploiting all the qualities of the Iberian sausage.

Enjoy the highest quality of the tastiest meat that together with our traditional process make this Iberico Cebo Salchichón one of the best of our brand!


 A minimum of 3 months from shipment.