Sauce Alioli Garlic Chovi, 200ml

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Aioli is one of the oldest and most classic sauces in the Mediterranean area. There are reports of aioli recipes as early as the beginning of the 10th century. Spain and France received it from the Romans, who learnt it from the Egyptians. It is a very popular sauce, also known as ‘ajoaceite’, which can be used for cooking or accompanying all types of food.

Garlic, oil, egg, lemon and salt mixed with skill, technique and tradition in a classic yellow ceramic mortar. The result? One of the mother sauces of the Mediterranean cuisine. Choví’s aioli is made with natural ingredients of the highest quality to therefore continue the traditional homemade aioli recipe.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
The only Allioli you should have!!

I first time I had this was in Spain many years ago and I have been searching for it in the U.K. ever since, love having it with tapas and well everything really!
Packaging surpassed my expectations, each item was wrapped individually and the box contained ice packs to ensure the items arrived chilled. Would love to see some eco friendly though.

Peter Edwards
Love alioli!

Not too strong, smooth and tasty. Delivered well packed and on time.Will reorder!