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T-Bone Steak, Frisona (Dry Age 20 days) +/- 0.85Kg

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All our Frisona breed meats are dry-aged for a minimum of 20 days. 

The well-known T-Bones are famous from NYC, and sometimes are also called Porterhouse, it all depends on which rib is cut from,  it has a bit of the probably two best cuts in a cow, with Ribeye/Sirloin in one side and Tenderloin in the other, with both attached to a central bone to enhance the flavour on grilling.

The FRISONA are feed 100% in grass, is the main one in dairy production. Its name comes from the region of origin, Friesland, located in northern Europe, although it is considered a Spanish breed integrated into Spain since it accounts for 40% of the total census.



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