Tartar Prawn Carabinero, +/- 200Gr

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One of the most sought after prawns in professional kitchens worldwide, beautiful Carabineros are a large deep-sea prawn species that hail from Eastern Atlantic into the Mediterranean Sea. Known by a plethora of names, to the Spanish and Portuguese as Carabineros, to the English as Scarlet Shrimp or Cardinal Prawns, and to the French as the Crevette Imperiale, they are renowned for their jumbo size and striking bright red colour.

This carpaccio tartar is made directly on the boat, to keep the freshness and individually quick freeze, they are the ideal size for 2/4 as part of some tapas dishes, just present with anything acidic over and enjoy. 

They really work great with our flavored pearls spheres.


 A minimum of 3 months from shipment