Bonito Tuna Belly, (Silver Line) +/- 120Gr

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Silver Line of this product from Ramon Pena, on our view the best artisan on canned fish and seafood.

Ventresca, the belly of the tuna, has been highly prized by connoisseurs as the tastiest and most tender part of the entire tuna. The Japanese treasure it under the name 'toro,' which is the most sought-after part of the tuna.

Ventresca is the finest part of the tuna - a special type of albacore. Each tuna is caught with a rod and line. This preserves the texture and flavour that can be damaged by the stress of harvesting by net. This method also assures that other creatures of the sea, such as dolphins or turtles, are not harmed.

Each bite of ventresca tuna is so meltingly tender that it is in a different category from other canned tuna.

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