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The La Chinata Small Gift Box contains a bottle of La Chinata 'Selección' Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a box of Rosquitas with Olives made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and three of our Creams with Extra Virgin Olive Oil made from artichokes, peppers and aubergines and olives and almonds.

It is presented in an elegant wooden case, ideal for making a gourmet gift, with this selection of high-quality products with which to enjoy a delicatessen snack.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil Selection 500 ml:

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil Selección is a high quality EVOO made with a selection of the best olives of the Manzanilla Cacereña variety, picked by hand in the olive groves of the northern regions of Cáceres and cold pressed within 24 hours of its harvest.

Regañás with Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

Las Regañás with Extra Virgin Olive Oil La Chinata are a gourmet bakery product in the shape of a hard cake and very thin bread, typical of several places, mainly Andalusia.

They are made with EVOO from our own harvest and have a texture very similar to that of peaks and bagels, very crunchy and soft.

Cream of Peppers and Olives:

La Chinata green pepper and green olive cream is a delicious combination of top quality natural Mediterranean products, such as peppers and green olives, with a base of La Chinata extra virgin olive oil.

It is a very creamy product with a very aromatic, fresh and smooth flavor, perfect to spread on bread or to add to pasta, meat stews, vinaigrettes, or as an accompaniment to meat, fish or vegetable dishes.

Black Olives Cream:

La Chinata black olive cream is made with a selection of top quality raw materials and has a La Chinata EVOO base that offers an authentic flavor from the Extremadura region, which is characterized by its large olive groves, and whose product adds excellent flavor to a wide variety of recipes.

This cream has a mild and subtle flavor, given its content in black olives, and is therefore ideal for salads, empanadas, rice dishes, pasta, vinaigrettes, pizzas or simply as a spread.

Artichoke Cream:

La Chinata Artichoke Cream is a product made with artichokes selected one by one to guarantee their quality and freshness, and is enriched with La Chinata EVOO.

As for its flavor, it is very particular, slightly bitter but leaving a sweet aftertaste.


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Good quality

Everything was great except for the artichoke cream which is not vegetarian (animal rennet in it).