Wagyu A5 Ribeye Japanese, +/- 400gr

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These A5 Japanese incredible 400g Wagyu Ribeye steaks are as good as it gets. One of the best cuts of meat available in our shop, and probably in the UK. Big and rich enough to feed two people, these massive steaks will have you talking for quite a while. Wagyu beef has very high marbling content within the meat thanks to a rigid diet of grain and cereal; the flavour and texture is unbelievable. It's no wonder these Kobe-style wagyu sirloin steaks are considered the best in the world.

Certifies Kagoshima Beef, cut and trimmed by our experts butchers to make it more accessible in convinients sharing steaks, Wagyu beef is very rich, so 150gr per person is more than enough.

A5 Grade Wagyu beef is only a 1% production of all the Japanese Cattle, and very rare to find available for domestic consumption, as all production normally goes to restaurants.




Upon the arrival of your order, please put the product in your freezer as soon as possible if you are not planning to consume in the next 5 following days. If some thawing has occurred in transit, please be assured it is safe to refreeze. We deliver with our award-wining packaging and extra ice and insulated envelopes, but some thawing is inevitable outside in small products some times as if you buy at the supermarket and take one hour to arrive home, but they still keeping frozen and safe core temperature.

A minimum of 3 months from shipment

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Artis Marciniak
Party in your mouth

The beef is top class. The marbling was amazing and it was the most marbled stake I ever had, also the most delicious. The only concern I had was that it was to thin. Next time I will try to order a thicker steak

Veniza Maravilla

Good quality

Z Abrahams

Melt in the mouth ribeye. A bit thinner than expected but great quality wagyu beef.

Lindsay N
Best steak I’ve ever had

This came and was much thinner than I had expected, but the marbling was amazing and after pan frying it for only about 1 min each side, it was perfection. So rich and melted in the mouth- best steak I’ve ever had.