Wagyu Beef Black Pudding with Rice "Wagyu Morcilla", 280Gr

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The ferrous sub tones of the Wagyu ox blood and the richness of its unsaturated fat are married with the sweetness of the onion, spices and bomba rice in this traditional Burgos sausage. 

Made from 100% Wagyu blood and fat, this Wagyu black pudding is made following the traditional recipe for Morcilla de Burgos using rice, onion and spices. The fat content of wagyu morcilla has a high percentage of polyunsaturated fats such as oleic and linoleic acids (omega 3, 6 and 9), helpful in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. The texture and flavour of wagyu black pudding is uniquely different to pork morcilla, balanced, rich with deep flavour.


Our friends from Finca Santa Rosalia breed the Wagyu beef, famed for its extraordinary flavour, texture and health-giving properties. Patxi Garmendia, the finca’s owner, goes to extraordinary lengths to ensure these cattle produce some of the world’s finest beef. Each calve has over 100 sq. meters to roam, much of the feed comes from the bi-product of the estate’s organic winery and they are settled on biodegradable beds. Even their diet is designed to reduce greenhouse gas.



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Customer Reviews

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Paula Segura

Very very good!!

Charlie Morris

The best black pudding I’ve ever eaten. Creamy deliciousness. I’ve never craved black pudding before but actually had this on its own in a sandwhich!

Will definitely buy again and again