Wagyu Cap of Rump BMS Grade 7 (Picanha) Various weights.

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These incredible Wagyu Picanha steak are as good as it gets. Typical of Brazilian grills, this piece corresponds to the cap of the rump, having one of its face covers by a shell of fat. It is recommended to cut it from the thin part to the thick part.

Wagyu beef has very high marbling content within the meat thanks to a rigid diet of grain and cereal; the flavour and texture is unbelievable.

Finca Santa Rosalia is a Spanish farm, used by the best Michelin star restaurants across Spain and worldwide, previously only available in the UK in Harrods, now you can find their full range in our shop. 

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Upon the arrival of your order, please put the product in your freezer as soon as possible if you are not planning to consume in the next 5 following days. If some thawing has occurred in transit, please be assured it is safe to refreeze. We deliver with our award-wining packaging and extra ice and insulated envelopes, but some thawing is inevitable outside in small products some times as if you buy at the supermarket and take one hour to arrive home, but they still keeping frozen and safe core temperature.

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Customer Reviews

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Melanie Pykett
A bit too thin

Tender & flavourful but wish the cut was smaller & thicker for its weight.
The cut I got was barely 1 cm thick. Thinner cuts are more difficult to sear/ grill/ pan fry as you want to get the right doneness. Thicker steaks also makes better slices.

Good gift

I gave this as a gift and was told this was very good and the fat added to the flavour. I'll give this one as a gift again

Ben Grainger
Very impressed with flavour

Lovely as the title suggests, however the size of the fat cap on the underside of the steak which is not displayed must have taken up a lot of the 225g weight of the whole steak, very disappointed in that. I have another along with the Featherblade so will be interested to see the amount of fat on those. Service/delivery excellent, we will be ordering more.

Ben Grainger
First time Wagyu eater…..YUMMY!!

Wow what flavour, makes me want to get a nice piece of A5. Delivery was on point quality of meat fantastic. My only slight criticism is the Rump we just had was presented beautifully until we opened the packet and saw the huge piece fat hidden on the bottom side. Thankfully I forgot to weigh the meat as I’m sure of the 225g piece a large proportion would have been fat. Overall very happy though with our first experience of Wagyu and The Gourmet Market.

Simon Cyprus
Wagyu Picanha

So pleased with everything. Service was perfect, delivery was exactly on time. Items were perfectly packaged. Product quality was amazing. I have already recommended this to close friends and family members and would recommend to anybody reading this review. I was so impressed and will be ordering again very soon.