Sauces StreetXO, Dabiz Muñoz.

Salsas XO


The chef Dabiz Muñoz launches a collection of 10 sauces based on the creative universe of XO, the same one that moves the DiverXO restaurant and on StreetXO, the chef reinvents ketchup, smoked for this occasion; the aioli, the yogurt sauce, the brava, the bittersweet or the pesto, and innovate with new formulas by mixing the ponzu with truffle, the pesto with Idiazábal cheese, the tiger's milk with yuzu and passion fruit, or the sauce Caesar with allspice.

The sauces respond to the creativity of the Madrid chef, who mixes ingredients that he has learned throughout his career. The production of the product has been developed by Sosa Ingredientes, and the plastic container is a silhouette inspired by Muñoz's Mohican haircut and illustrations by Ricardo Cavaolo and industrial designer Luis Valmaseda.

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