Beef Fillet Tenderloin Grain-fed, +/- 1.6Kg

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All our Tenderloins cuts without the bone are aged for a minimum of 20 days. And are feed 100% on high quality grain.

This really special breed, are at least 4 years old cows, with an good fat infiltration, a firm fat due to the diet, that tastes even like sweet sometimes. Used by acclaimed restaurants in all the UK.

The more acclaimed cut from this special breed, the Beef Fillet Tenderloin, just sold as a whole piece, why not make it the excuse to call a few friends over and grill it to your liking.

These Fillet Tenderloins weight approximately 1.6 kilograms, they feed perfectly 6 people, and work great for Beef Wellington or as a steaks medallions.


 A minimum of 3 months from shipment

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Robin Shaw
Beef fillet tenderloin

Used for beef wellington and worked a treat.
Excellent value.

Roland Smidt
Happy Chef

Purchased 10 fillets for our hotel barge. Sadly not enough space to store more. Tender and perfect. Had no idea Spain produced such good beef. Will be ordering again.

Melanie Mott

Excellent will be ordering again and good price

Beef fillet

Considering the price was about a third of what I would have paid in the shops, this was surprisingly good beef, very tender and minimal gristle.
Will be shopping here again.

Ronald Rook
Great fillet

Really good fillet, both for flavour and tenderness. All this and a very competitive price. Have re-ordered since first delivery